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My name's James W. Tingley. I was born in Chicago and I've lived in Spain since 1988. I have a bachelor's degree in Spanish and I minored in Forestry.

From 1991-1998, I worked as an English teacher. I have over 9,600 hours of teaching students in classrooms. When I was Head of Studies for a large ESL school I began working one-on-one with students who were having problems with learning the language.

Talking to the student, developing a detailed, personalized study plan and doing the necessary follow-up were keys to motivating students and helping them reinforce their weaker points. If the student was on track, then I would encourage them to carry on. If they were missing the mark, we would backtrack to see what the problem was and how to solve it. I'd give them study tips so that they found learning enjoyable, not stressful and distressing.

I've tutored on and off over the last 20 years. I have nearly 1,000 hours of tutoring experience. Many of the didactic tools I used with my school students I also apply to my tutoring students.

I decided to change jobs in 1999. But now I'm fed up with what I'm doing and it doesn't meet my economic needs as before. I started to look around for job opportunities and one day the e-book "Blue Print" dropped into my lap. I read it and felt this was what I was looking for. Now I'm on my way to becoming a certified TutorFi tutor.

What makes me a good tutor? Let me answer: my degree in Languages, my official certificate of Advanced English (E.O.I., Spain) and my minor in Forestry (chemistry, biology, and math). I have over 10,600 teaching hours of ESL and I have first-hand experience in dealing with students who were lagging and helping them reach their goals while making learning enjoyable for them.

Using the latest technology really gets students excited. It's user-friendly and students feel relaxed because they can go at their own pace. There are students who just don't feel comfortable with a teacher sitting next to them. Some students get the jitters when face-to-face with a teacher, no matter how understanding that teacher is.

It's important for the student to feel supported during the learning process. Problems need to be addressed and dealt with in a productive manner. Otherwise, if ignored, things will get of control and the student will feel bad about their results. On the flip side, their academic progress must be cheered on and considered important.

Parents play an active role in encouraging and motivating their children. Sometimes it isn't easy for parents to do so, not because they don't care about their child's progress, but rather because some parents are just at their wits end and aren't sure how to proceed. I'm proud to offer my clients the A+ Parenting Video Series. It gives loads of great tips on how parents can be more supportive and inspire their child, thus helping them improve their grades.

A lot of tutoring options are available. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. My online tutoring capabilities coupled with TutorFi stack the cards in your favor: scheduling is easy and flexible; certified and thoroughly screened tutors; you’re dealing with an A+ rated BBB company; tested and tried system that works; personalized attention and follow-up that boosts results in the classroom; A+ Parenting material for concerned parents plus a whole lot more.

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